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Lacrosse Boys


Boys who make the team, please register your player via this link


The District has become aware that private individuals and vendors have come together to put on a private fundraiser, “La Costa Canyon High School Boys Lacrosse Golf Tournament".  While the District is always enthusiastic about support and cherishes its generous community partners, it must be emphasized that this event is not a District or school-sponsored event.  No endorsement is intended. This event is sponsored by private individuals and entities. This event is not sponsored by the San Dieguito Unified School District (“District”) or the La Costa Canyon High School (“High School”).  Nor is this event organized by a school approved booster club, association or foundation.  [District Board Policy 1230.]  No endorsement is intended, including vendor endorsements.  This event is organized, operated and managed by private individuals.  Any donations made to this event are not solicited by the District or High School and neither will be the recipient of such donations.  Donors may not utilize the District’s tax identification number to secure a charitable contribution write-off for this event.  Any District employees that attend this event are not attending as representatives of the District, but on their own personal time and not on work time and have no duty to supervise students or responsibility for the conduct or safety of any persons attending this event.

Lacrosse Parents - Please REGISTER your Lacrosse player through the link ABOVE



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